‘Templar Cross’ crop circle found in France torments farm owners

A fantastic crop formation depicting a Templar cross is drawing droves of visitors to the farm where it was found in France and the owners of the property are not too thrilled about all the attention. The remarkable design was reportedly first discovered on July 5th by Gerard Benoit in a wheat field on his land in the community of Vimy. The farmer and his son thought first that something had simply damaged their crops during the night until they took a closer look and realized that the disturbed areas formed a grand pattern.

Noting that they had previously only seen crop circles in movies, the family were initially surprisingly upbeat about the discovery, despite the damage done to their wheat field. “It’s vandalism,” mused Benoit’s son Nicholas, “but we said to ourselves, ‘it’s good for once!'” However, their enthusiasm for the formation was quickly squelched after they shared images of the design on the Facebook page and people began flocking to their farm by the thousands.

“We saw a lot of people come to the field and we discovered that there were religious beliefs around it,” Nicholas revealed, explaining that people have specifically been coming to the crop circle so that they could pray at it. “Some people tell us that it is the Templar cross, that energy flowed from the earth, that our field is blessed and can cure multiple sclerosis,” he marveled, before dismissing the visitors as “crazy.”

The throngs of people descending upon the farm ultimately proved to be too much for the family to bear and they promptly removed the photos of the formation from social media in the hopes of putting an end to all the excitement. “It is a horror. We are not a museum,” lamented Nicholas, “the crop circles are beautiful, but for someone else.” Alas, history suggests that the only way for the family to fully rid themselves of the curious visitors will likely be for them to destroy the design themselves.

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