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Study suggests unexplained neurological symptoms in certain people may be caused by ‘abnormal chemical changes in the brain’

An increase in certain chemicals in the brain may be causing movement problems in some people, according to a study published in the ...

Will Hezbollah Seek Revenge Against Israel? – Global Research

Tensions on the Israel-Lebanon border flared up in recent days due to a confusing July 27 incident near the Sheba’a Farms, a Syrian area ...

MIT tests ‘dream incubation’ device that manipulates the content of people’s dreams

Scientists have developed an experimental device and protocol for manipulating the content of people’s dreams while they are sleeping, ...

Racism, Sexism, Classism: Incoherence of ‘Mainstream’ Ethical Debate. Obfuscating Crimes against Humanity – Global Research

What does it mean when journalists who spent the last two decades promoting wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen ...

By pollinating just a handful of crops, wild bees contribute over $1.5 billion per year

It’s not just honeybees that pollinate our crops and put food on our plates. In North America alone there are roughly 4,000 species of ...

UN Officials Cite Study that Finds Lockdowns, School Closures Killing More Children than COVID – Global Research

UN officials have pointed to a study that reveals lockdowns and school closures are doing more harm to children than the coronavirus itself, ...

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